I would love to do art that would be a lasting legacy for you and your loved ones.  Here is how that happens:

1. Decide WHAT you want: an awesome painting for the living room, painting or drawing for greeting cards, or an illustration/painting for a publication. (Whatever you choose, know that I will use the finest "paper" for watercolor [it is actually 100% cotton] that is acid free and coated with a seal that will ensure many years of value. For acrylic or oil, I use the best material  (usually stretched canvas) I can find plus the best acrylic or oil paint on the market).

2. Send me an email ( or with a concept or photo attachments of the person/pet/place you wish for me to paint.

3. I charge by the square inch of the final product (width x length =

square inch). For watercolor portraits it is $1.50 sq/in; pets $1.00 sq/in; landscapes

$.75 sq/in.  (I am comfortable with small 3" x 3" or very large, mural-size works). I will

charge more per square inch for very small works simply.  Ask me.

Acrylic (or oil) paintings: $2.00 sq/in; pets $1.25 sq/in; landscapes $.80 sq/in.


4. I will then send you a contract requiring 50% down (non-refundable).  Upon receipt

of your down payment, I will do a drawing that is yours to keep. (See sample on this


4. Depending on the time of year and my schedule, allow me three weeks for a people

portrait and two weeks for a pet or place portrait.  I will send you a "proof copy"

attachment.  This is where you suggest changes.

5. Upon receipt of the total payment, I will complete and mail you the final product.  Postage is additional and at cost.

I do watercolor, acrylic or oil paintings.  I prefer watercolor or acrylic.