• Dennis R. Fakes

How can doing nothing be KIND?

During this stressful, anxious time of living with a virus that may not stop until it possibly takes a loved one, NOT going shopping, NOT personally visiting, NOT shaking hands, etc. are the KINDEST thing you can do.

Being thoughtful of others has never been more crucial.

Be KIND. Always.

  • Dennis R. Fakes

The word EVERYTHING is pretty expansive. I am not sure “KINDNESS changes everything” as today’s post says, but I do know it is huge.

Every act of kindness you or I convey makes a large dent in our humanity. Therefore, KINDNESS is worth it in every way.

We will see nastiness and the antithesis of KINDNESS in our politics, but that is not who we have to be. KINDNESS changes many things. We can do that and be the KIND person who makes a difference TODAY.

THANK YOU for reading this. Feel free to make comments.